19. jan, 2020

New version "Cool, Awesome and Educational" (part 1+2)

Updated version of “Cool, Awesome and Educational”; Orienteering at school for ages 6-15

For two years ago I got a lot of requests from many people to put Part 1 and Part 2 together into one book. The 84-pages book has now extended to 88 pages with more exercises regarding Maze Orienteering but the biggest news is the new compass from Str8.

Together with Warren Key from Australia we have develop a new compass for beginners and students. The compass, “Str8 WOD” has both a rotatable compass house and the needle is surprisingly stable. The compass is therefore also useful for Sprint Orienteering, Ski Orienteering and MTB Orienteering.

I hope the book contains many inspirational exercises to make orienteering and navigation as a fun and interesting experience at school. I hope many teachers, instructors and youth coaches are delighted to use this book to teach the students in orienteering and navigation skills.

Order the book

You can purchase the book directly from me or through a number of retailers. You order it by mail, byorienteering@gmail.com, or through retailers’ websites.

 The prices as follow:

  • 1 pc: 199 SEK (€ 20)
  • 2-4 pcs: 189 SEK per pc (€ 19)
  • 5-9 pcs: 179 SEK per pc (€ 18)
  • more than 10 pcs: SEK 169 per pc (€ 17)

All prices include VAT but excluding shipping

Translation to another language

My previous books have really become a success. The books have currently been translated into 19 different languages and if you or any National Federation are interested in a translation of this new version please let me know.

The link to the web version is as follow:


Retailers in Sweden:

LäroMedia Bokhandel Örebro AB: www.laromedia.se

Letro Sport; www.letro.se

Orienteringsspecialisten; www.olspecialisten.com/sv/







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