Management by Orienteering

"Management by Orienteering" is ideal for the company or organisation:
To develop participants in problem solving and decision making
To encourage people to deviate from normal patterns of thought and behavior, ie "think outside the box"
To create an understanding of the leader's role as a model for team

In conjunction with the team or corporate conference at Bosön in Stockholm, on Dalagård in Dalarna or Åhus Strand Hotel in Skåne carries out an adventurous orienteering in darkness in patrol. Content adapted to your wishes.
Suitable group size is 10-25 people / time.

Examples of different set ups:
Outline 1: "Team Building by Orienteering", 2 hours, up to 10 people: 9 500 SEK. If more than 10 people there is a cost of 475 SEK/person.
Outline 2: Outline 1 plus training in orienteering, 2 hours, up to 10 people: 4 500 SEK. If more than 10 people there is a cost of 195 SEK/person.
Outline 3: Lecture "Championship Coaching" or "Strategy for Success", 2 hours/lecture: 8500 SEK/lecture.
Outline 4: "Management by Orienteering" process work during 2 days with adventure orienteering as a metaphor for the development work in their teams, up to 10 people: 34 000 SEK. If more than 10 people, an additional fee of 1200 SEK/person.
All prices are excluding VAT, travel and lodging will be add.

The following example is taken from an activity with the Swedish Sports Confederation.