8. dec, 2017

Cool, Awesome and Educational in Czech language

"Cool, Awesome and Educational" has now been translated into another language, Czech. Together with the Czech Orienteering Federation, we have produced a book for the Czech school in their teaching of navigation skills. The link below shows parts of the 80-pages book and the pictures from the book also show how to involve navigation skills in other subjects.

I'm both very happy and proud that my books have been translated into so many languages. Italian and Lithuanian are the next languages the book will be translated into.

The link to the Czech book:


16. aug, 2017

1 + 1 = 1

After requests from many I have now put Part 1 and Part 2 together into one book. The 84-page book contains inspiring exercises to make orienteering and navigation to a fun and interesting experience in school. I hope many teachers, instructors and youth coaches are delighted to use this book to teach orienteering and navigation skills.

Please let me know if you are interested to get the book translated into your language.

The link to the web version is as follow:


I have a new email address: byorienteering@gmail.com


31. jan, 2017

Cool, Awesome and Educational x 3 completed!

Based on experience from the project ”Skol-Sprinten”, ”World Orienteering Day” and in close cooperation with PE teachers at primary and secondary school we have an idea how to make ORIENTEERING easier and more fun at school. We hope these guidelines can help teachers to create better conditions for the education of ORIENTEERING at school.

We also believe that a map which corresponds to reality and finalised exercises in a pedagogical approach will help teachers to create fun lessons in orienteering. These ”Teacher’s guides” will hopefully inspire all of you!

You will find these three web books at the links as follow:
Part 1, English (52 pages): https://issuu.com/byorie…/…/silva_book_ages_6-12_english_web
Part 2, English (60 pages): https://issuu.com/byorie…/…/silva_book_ages13-15_english_web
Simple English (28 pages): https://issuu.com/…/docs/orienteering_in_simple_english_emit

If you are interested to get these books translated to your language, please let me know, byorienteering@gmail.com


18. dec, 2016

Links to my O-books

Cool, Awesome and Educational

The first Orienteering Book I wrote for Primary School has become a real success! The Swedish edition is sold out but available as web book (see link below). This book has been translated into several languages, and a few more are in the pipeline. There's also a slide show of this book in Swedish and English. 

Part 2 of "Cool, Awesome and Educational" is written to cover Secondary School's needs for a fun teaching of orienteering at school. Translation of this book as well as the "Orienteering in simple Swedish" into English is currently under way and in the middle of January next year they are available as web books.

If you are interested in translation in your own language, please let me know. Send me an e-mail, byorienteering@gmail.com, and tell me what you want.

Photo: The frontpage of the Russian's version of "Cool, Awesome and Educational" (ages 6-12).


Cool, Awesome and Educational, ages 6-12

Swedish:  https://issuu.com/byorientee…/…/silva_bok__r_1-6_svensk__web

Slide show, Swedish: to be uptaded


English: https://issuu.com/byorie…/…/silva_book_ages_6-12_english_web

Slide show, English: to be uptaded


Chinese, simplified: to be uptaded

Chinese, traditional: to be uptaded

Icelandic: to be uptaded

Turkish: to be uptaded

Russian: to be uptaded

Hungarian: to be uptaded


Cool, Awesome and Educational, ages 13-15

Swedish:  https://issuu.com/…/docs/silva_bok__r_7-9_svensk__print_vers

Slide show, Swedish: to be updated

English: https://issuu.com/byorie…/…/silva_book_ages13-15_english_web


Orienteering in simple Swedish

Swedish: https://issuu.com/…/docs/orientering_p__l_tt_svenska__l_g_up

9. dec, 2016

Julklappstips till alla som gillar orientering

JULKLAPPSTIPS till tränare och idrottslärare
På många platser har ”Skol-Sprinten” varit en succé både för skolan och för orienteringsklubbarna. Många fler ungdomar tycker att orientering är både coolt och häftigt. Idrottslärare har upptäckt ett nytt sätt att följa läroplanen på och tränare inom orientering har fått sprintorientering som ett nytt verktyg att attrahera fler nyfikna till sin verksamhet.
Min julklapp till er alla som gillar orientering är mina senaste böcker till halva priset. Om du dessutom är snabb i din beställning får du Silvas populära ”Begin” på köpet.
Beställ via www.byorienteering.se eller skicka mail direkt till mig goran.andersson.rf@gmail.com
Fraktkostnad 49 kr.
Priserna är inkl moms.